Hush Puppies - Right Way and Wrong Way

I found the recipe for these hush puppies here.

I had half a can of creamed corn to use up, so I decided to make hush puppies.

Just look at all that oil!

While waiting for the first batch to finish cooking, I decided to take a photo of my recently organized pantry. By next week, when it's no longer neat and tidy, I'm really going to appreciate this photo!

Why do we have so many cans of tomato soup??

After frying up 3 batches, here is all the oil that was left:

That's right - absolutely none whatsoever!

But that can't be right. Sexy Nerd and I didn't eat all that oil, did we? How much was in the pan to begin with?

Come to think of it, I'd rather not know how much oil we started with.

Feeling a little guilty and grossed out from frying up so many hush puppy sponges, I decided to experiment with cooking the rest of the batter like a giant, corny pancake.

*This is not recommended if you want your hush puppies to taste like hush puppies!

A near-perfect flip! Woo hoo!!!

To keep all our tasty hush puppies warm and crispy, my final step was to heat them in the toaster oven on the broiler setting for about 5 minutes.


While broiling, I moved a safe distance away from the toaster oven. According to online reviews for this model, it's a fantastic toaster oven/convection oven, except for one little problem.

There are several incidents documented online of the glass exploding when using the broiler. Darn you, Krups.


Who else gets lazy when they near the end of a cooking project? And who else likes to tease hungry little doggies with false promises of food? I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Ta da! A plate of greasy, crispy hush puppy goodness for me and my Sexy Nerd (sorry, Pica and Biscuit!) Notice that the always clever Kitchen Pig has put all the lazy, pancakey non-hush puppies underneath the properly made ones. By the time you finish eating the fried hush puppies, you don't even notice/care that the ones at the bottom aren't as good.

Sexy Nerd and I agreed that this recipe is definitely a keeper. If only they weren't soooooooooooo full of oil! To be fair, this plate of hush puppies ended up being our entire dinner. And that makes it healthy, right?


  1. While your dinner looks yummy, it does not look anything like hush puppies - at least not like any hush puppies we have down here in the South!

  2. Way to make me look like an under achiever with that awesome organized pantry!

  3. I love hushpuppies! I've never made them but have always wanted to try. I'll keep this recipe in mind!

  4. Did you pour syrup or something over them like pancakes?

  5. I have never had a hush puppy. I am glad they were tasty.


  6. I've never attempted my own but I had some delicious Hush Puppies when I was living in the south...perhaps I'll invest in a huge jug of oil and get cookin'!

  7. Those look good! Almost like hashbrowns! I will have to try this!


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