How NOT to Make a Nascar Birthday Cake

Lamb Cooks includes the phrase "Patience Has No Place In My Kitchen". Allow to me demonstrate exactly what I mean.

Impressed by that race car cake? Me too! But the talented blogger at The Speckled Freckle made it, not me. I knew I didn't have the attention span to make quite as elaborate a cake, but I figured that I could surely pull off a single loop cake for my Nascar fan's birthday. Surely!

First, I got the cars nice and squeaky clean in my ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like sneaking into your husband's office and stealing toy cars from his display case.

My plan was to make the track out of brown frosting (crushed Thin Mints and cocoa powder), use mini marshmallows to line the track, and spread green frosting everywhere else.

I had been cooking all day (you did catch my Meal Plan post, right?) and quickly lost interest in my original plan.

 Yeah, I kind of have a thing for marshmallows (as demonstrated here, here, and here)

 Note the cookie chunks. Lousy food processor.

It's hard to frost a cake!

Oh! There is another marshmallowy link here! This one involves Thin Mints. All my marshmallow links are, by the way, delicious.


 Clear sugar sprinkles are a little dull though, aren't they?

Sexy Nerd is very patriotic.

In case you are wondering, I was not just throwing things on for the sake of a blog post. Anyone who knows me will surely agree that this is how I make all cakes.

Sexy Nerd loves butterscotch chips.

And coconut!


Does this remind you of Nascar? Or that original cake?

 You just have to use your imagination!

At least I knew better than to put Sexy Nerd's toy cars on this mess!

That frosting was so full of butter and cream cheese (and all sorts of other things that I randomly threw in) that I figured refrigeration was a must.

Not exactly the best cake when your fridge space is maxed out.
*Note that there are NO WORMS in the fridge! Woo hoo! 

As you might have guessed, this cake was gooooood. With all that sugar, it kind of had to be!


  1. I can relate...had big plans for my son's 1st birthday cake. It was going to be a duck (borrowed a mold), with carrot cake. I actually did get the batter made, carrots and all...but by the time I did I looked at the time and went, "Yeah, right I'm gonna want to stay up long enough for this to bake...and then frost it!" So, I ran to the store and bought a generic one.

  2. Pretty sure this is what would happen if I tried this as well. I lose patience really quick!

  3. I LOVE IT! I am NO PRO in the kitchen my food usually tastes WAY better than it looks. "The Speckled Freckle" did a great job on the first cake though! Way to go on your efforts.

  4. Too funny! It looks delicious. That is exactly how my cakes patience either. I have been thinking about taking a cake decorating class, though.

  5. I think your cake turned out wonderful and I am sure it was delicious. That's always the final test. Decorating cakes is just not my thing. lol Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love it! Sounds like something I would do! I recently gave up on cakes (my mom is a professional cake decorator-so now she does them) and this is exactly the reason why! My "creations" always tasted good, but the kids would always be disappointed that their Dora cake ended up looking like a chocolate lagoon.

  7. Kind of looks like the cake I made my hubbie for his birthday:-) Thank you for following I am now following your blog.

  8. All too often the response has to be...It is the thought that counts! My teenagers are getting into watching the Cake Boss, I'm getting some interesting projects planned. I think I will start posting the pics.

    New follower from RSS and Tues to the top.

    I have 3 blogs

  9. I totally follow the "if a little is good, more is so much better!!!" And I have no patience in the kitchen, so I crock pot just about everything!!
    Thanks for the follow! New follower here!!!

  10. You never fail to make me laugh. I kept scrolling down and that cake just kept getting better and better. Nothing like nascar as all, but I like it none the less! And yes, I would definitely eat a piece in a heartbeat!

  11. It looks uber delicious, sometimes those fancy smancy cakes don't taste as good.

  12. It's the effort that counts and I bet it tasted wonderful!! :-)


  13. nerds are awesome :) found ur blog through my blogfrog discussion. love it im following u now :)

  14. My favorite birthday cake has maple frosting...which I always put on when the cake is still warm. So the cake...slowly...starts...sliiiiiiiiiiding. Every year. I never learn. Cakes are for eating, not for looking right?

  15. may not have been the cake you visioned but did turn out very cute

  16. Hi there! I'm here from the "want more followers..." discussion on blog frog. Your blog is adorable and I can't wait to read even more! I hope you'll stop by too, when you get a chance!
    Mrs. O

  17. You had me until coconut...that stuff reminds me of toenails! I have never heard of Thin Mint frosting...totally have to try that now.

  18. Somehow, I like your cake better. It has all his favourite things on it. Plus it gives people a good laugh. Hopefully you laughed too.


  19. Hi! I'm stopping by from Table Top Tuesday. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this;0) Too Cute! I bet the cake was deelish!

  20. That was hilarious. The comparison side by side was just, well, priceless! I mean, I culd TOTALLY see the similarities. hee hee hee

    At least he GOT a cake, and you put your love into it. That's all that matters.

  21. Hilarious screw up! But cute all the same and I bet it tasted great either way. Now following.

    Giveaway Blogdom

  22. Girl, you are hysterical... I saw you on the blog hop list and realized it had been a while since I stopped by to say hello.
    Is this what you have been up to? You are funny! Happy belated Birthday to the little one and kudos to you for your gumption. :-)

  23. It may not look like the original - but it sure looks TASTY!

  24. Yummy! Looks like a diabetic dream!

  25. Looks great to me! Thank goodness my friend is a pastry genius so I never need to learn how to make purty cakes for Wee 'Burb!

  26. Oh dear me, ROTFLMAO!!! Please forgive me Sexy Nerd... you are not little. That is what happens when you live, see, and read about little ones; soon everyone is little.
    Thanks for the heads-up LambAround. You had me laughing this morning when I read your comment on my blog.

  27. I would love to have you join me tomorrow over at our Sassy Sites blog party! It's our Feature YOU Friday! Come by and check it out! xoxo

    @ Sassy Sites!

  28. OMG Yum. They'd look exactly the same to me in my stomach!! (-:

  29. that looks absolutely delicious!!!! WOW!

  30. Wow - that looks yummy! Love the chocolate tha marshmallows!
    ~stopping by from Tatertots & Jello - again! ;)

  31. You are too funny! That Nascar car is fab...but your story if better! And it looks good - look at all that stuff on there...yum!

  32. Happy SITS Day!

    My first thought was that either the icing or the cake itself were too warm during the decorating step (former pastry chef--occupational hazard) but, you know, it doesn't matter because you got it done and it tasted good :) Good for you!

  33. I WAS sort of wondering how the cars were going to fit in. My daughter's birthday is next week-end and I think I'll try to convince her that a 'giant sprinkle doughnut' cake is just the thing.

  34. "You just have to use your imagination!"
    ROFL! Yes, I can see the similarity.

    But honestly, I love your style! :D xx

  35. This is awesome! Nice job. I made a birthday cake for my daughter this last week which turned out okay...but not nearly how I had invisioned it.

  36. Oh my! I was actually laughing out loud in my cubicle during my lunch break blog-reading session. It reminded me of a cake disaster/beautiful creation of mine a few years ago. Thanks for the laugh!!


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